Sri Lanka
De La Salle

St.John Baptist De La Salle

(Patron Saint of Teachers and Educators)

The founder of the religious congregation of De La Salle Brothers F.S.C is the guiding light of Boys' Town.

Hamangild Joseph

Rev.Bro.Hamangild Joseph

The founder of Diyagala Boys' Town is our source of inspiration as the seminal influence of his vision and dreams permeates through our activities today.


Infrastructure & Learning resources

>> Well equipped workshop: lathe, milling, electronics, electrical

>> New computer center

>>Excellent sports & games facilities: Indoor badminton court

>> Social center

>> Cafeteria & farm shop

>> Agriculture & animal husbandry

>> Nursery


~ Training Program ~

1st Year

Basic Training

2nd Year
Machine Minding

Construction & Manipulation

Cutting Tools and Cutting Operations

Facing and Tuning

Chucking Work

Tapers and Thread Cutting

Threads and Thread Cutting

Face Plate Work

2nd Year


Fundamentals of welding

Horizontal position

Vertical position

Overhead position

Pipe welding

Flame cutting

Miscellaneous operations

Sheet metal work

Cast iron welding

Hard surface

Brazing & Soldering

Basic & related mathematics

Abbreviations & Symbols

Blue print reading

2nd Year
Auto Mechanism

Shop Practice

Fundamentals of the Auto-Mobile

Engine operation

Measurement types and construction

Electric System

Fuel System

Lubricating System and Cooling System

Trouble shooting and servicing of various systems

Clutches and transmission

Frame and body maintenance

Chassis units

2nd Year

How electricity is produced and brought to homes

Preparing estimates and taking out quantities

The uses of various types of instruments and calculations

The operation and maintenance of generating plants

Indoor and Outdoor substation

Low and High Tension

Distribution Systems

House Wiring

2nd Year

Letter Press Printing

Offset Printing


Graphic Designing

Page Maker

Book Binding

2nd Year

Principles of Agriculture

Arable Crops

Plantation Crops

Cash Crops


Plant Pathology

Agricultural Botany

Agricultural Chemistry

2nd Year
Animal husbandry

Fundamentals of farming

Rearing cows

rearing Broilers

Rearing Layers

Rearing Pigs

Rearing Ducks

Rearing Turkeys


Feeds - Rabbits

Feeds - Fish

3rd & 4th Year


On the Job Training