Sri Lanka
De La Salle

St.John Baptist De La Salle

(Patron Saint of Teachers and Educators)

The founder of the religious congregation of De La Salle Brothers F.S.C is the guiding light of Boys' Town.

Hamangild Joseph

Rev.Bro.Hamangild Joseph

The founder of Diyagala Boys' Town is our source of inspiration as the seminal influence of his vision and dreams permeates through our activities today.


Infrastructure & Learning resources

>> Well equipped workshop: lathe, milling, electronics, electrical

>> New computer center

>>Excellent sports & games facilities: Indoor badminton court

>> Social center

>> Cafeteria & farm shop

>> Agriculture & animal husbandry

>> Nursery


~ Sponsorship Program for DBT Trainees ~


Since the signing of MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the government and L.T.T.E., many applications seeking admission to Diyagala Boys' Town have been pouring in from all over the country children belonging to different religions and communities.


At the moment there are 150 boys following the four year residential program. It is possible for Diyagala Boys' Town to admit another 100 boys but the only impediment is finance, as we do not wish to limit admission due to financial strain and to overcome this obstacle; after discussing with the managers it was proposed to inaugurate a DBT Sponsorship Program and seek assistance from friends, well-wishes, those who appreciate our services to the poor, from Philanthropists and other organizations to help us in the measure possible and contribute generously to this sponsorship program. Every donation will be officially acknowledge by the administration.


This is how it works......

Sponsorship for one trainee:

One Day

Board & Lodging

SL Rs. 75/-

SL Rs. 75/-

US $ 0.79

One Month

Board & Lodging

SL Rs. 75/- x 30

SL Rs. 2250/-

US $ 28.70

One Year

Board & Lodging

SL Rs. 2250/- x 12

SL Rs. 27000/-

US$ 284.40

Three Years

Board & Lodging

SL Rs. 27000/-*3

SL Rs. 81000/-

US$ 853.20


The above is the schedule depicting the cost of Sponsorship for one trainee; one day, one month, one year and three years. Of course, we leave the number of boys and the period of sponsorships to your goodwill and generosity.


No sooner we receive the form on the right duly filled, we will send you more information regarding the trainees; Photos of the trainees, Family history, Home condition etc;.


Every quarter a progress report of your foster-child would be sent to you, which would enable you to know how he is. Be sure, he will write to you. We will encourage him and insist on it.