Sri Lanka
De La Salle

St.John Baptist De La Salle

(Patron Saint of Teachers and Educators)

The founder of the religious congregation of De La Salle Brothers F.S.C is the guiding light of Boys' Town.

Hamangild Joseph

Rev.Bro.Hamangild Joseph

The founder of Diyagala Boys' Town is our source of inspiration as the seminal influence of his vision and dreams permeates through our activities today.


Infrastructure & Learning resources

>> Well equipped workshop: lathe, milling, electronics, electrical

>> New computer center

>>Excellent sports & games facilities: Indoor badminton court

>> Social center

>> Cafeteria & farm shop

>> Agriculture & animal husbandry

>> Nursery


~ Extra Curricular Activities ~

Trainees are given appropriate coaching in games and sports under the direction of Professionals.

Softball Cricket: Since Cricket is becoming popular many take to the game quite willingly and with enthusiasm. Once they are set they fail to learn to play other games. It is our policy that trainees learn to play well several games instead of sticking to one game.

Soccer:  There are two houses and well contested soccer games are played each week. They are trained by professional hands to play the game in style
Volley Ball:  There are four Volley Ball Courts and most of the trainees are from outstations love to play the game and learn to play it well. They regularly play matches with outside teams.

Basket Ball:  Trainees are given basic training in Basket Ball. There is a regular coach who trains and makes them participate in camps held outside. He arranges matches to suit the groups in training.

Western Band: We have a western band even ready to perform at short notice. They are trained regularly to read music and press the keys and perform under the control of a leader. Various organisations invite our band for functions.


Oriental Dancing: We have successfully trained our first year trainees to rhythmic movements of oriental dancing.


Inter Religious harmony

Church Singing: Boys are trained to attend religious ceremonies and their spiritual values.